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Special Offers, Self Storage in Spring Valley, CA

Storage Sizes & Pricing in Spring Valley, California

Sweetwater Springs Self Storage in Spring Valley, California, offers a variety of convenient storage sizes for affordable pricing. Contact us to learn more about our leasing options.
Unit Size Floor Space Rate per Month Admin Fee
5x5 25 Sq.Ft. $39.00 $10.00
5x8 45 Sq.Ft. $45.00 $10.00
5x10 50 Sq.Ft. $59.00 $10.00
7x10 70 Sq.Ft. $79.00 $10.00
5x15 75 Sq.Ft. $85.00 $10.00
10x10 100 Sq.Ft. $109.00 $10.00
10x12 120 Sq.Ft. $119.00 $10.00
10x14 140 Sq.Ft. $129.00 $10.00
10x15 150 Sq.Ft. $139.00 $10.00
10x16 160 Sq.Ft. $149.00 $10.00
10x20 200 Sq.Ft. $160.00 $10.00
10x26 260 Sq.Ft. $170.00 $10.00
10x40 400 Sq.Ft. $239.00 $10.00
15x30 450 Sq.Ft. $259.00 $10.00
Terms and Restrictions May Apply - Coupons Cannot Be Combined with Other Specials - 1 Coupon Limit
Spaces for Cars & Trucks $45–$70 $10.00                              
Spaces for RVs & Trailers $75–$90 $10.00                              
Spaces for Cars & Trucks $45–$70 $10.00                              
Spaces for RVs & Trailers $75–$90 $10.00                              
The following size guide is offered to help you estimate what size storage unit you may need. Other sizes may be available. Our expert staff will be happy to show you the various unit sizes available, and offer you storage tips to help you save space and money.
Unit Size Compare to: What Can I Store?
25 Sq.Ft.
Hall Closet
or Half-Bathroom
Small Furniture Such as a Chest of Drawers, Several Boxes, and Small Items
50 Sq.Ft.
Walk-in Closet A Couch, Chair, Chest of Drawers, Mattress Set, Boxes, and Small Items, Will Hold Contents of a Pick-up Truck or Cargo Van
100 Sq.Ft.
Average Size Bedroom Standard Furnishing for a One Bedroom Apartment with a Refrigerator or Washer and Dryer, Plus Boxes, and Small Items
Will Hold Contents of a 15-Ft. Moving Van
150 Sq.Ft.
Large Bedroom Furnishing for a Two Bedroom Apartment or Small House without Major Appliances, Plus Boxes, and Small Items
Will Hold Contents of a 20-Ft. Moving Van
200 Sq.Ft.
Small, One Car Garage Furnishing for a Two or Three Bedroom Apartment/Home with Appliances, Many Boxes and Extras, or Holds a Car or Truck
Will Hold Contents of a 24-Ft. Moving Van
Contact us in Spring Valley, California, to learn more about the various storage sizes we offer.